Day in the Life: Franklin Barbecue

I can cut a brisket open, and I can tell who trimmed it, who rubbed it, who did the first half of the cook, and who finished it. I can also tell who put it up in the warmer. Everybody’s got a little bit of a different style.

Awesome ‘behind the scenes’/’day in the life’ of Aaron Franklin. Always interesting to see how much goes into good Brisket/Ribs prep at that volume.

via Lucky Peach.

Pitch Black.

Getting an email regarding the new Field Notes release today would usually be a pretty fast event; open link, add two 3-packs to the cart and checkout. For normal seasonal releases of their colors subscription 3-packs, you need to act quickly to bolster your collection. The Field Notes notebooks just strike that chord for me; well made, specifically intentioned, everyday use items. It helps they’re (relatively) inexpensive and make nice gifts, and their two leaders (Jim Coudal and Aaron Draplin) are standup guys with great outlooks on living life and being happy.

Today’s release is being touted as a new standard offering (replacing the Red Blooded style notebook, one of which I just replaced filled this week, which provides a nice opportunity to not hustle to get them. I’m going to value this opportunity to be able to drop into one of my local FN retailers (maybe Hickoree’s or Tekserve) and grab a set or two in shop. I wish all the colors subscriptions would be this easy to get, but it’ll be nice to get out this fall once the new Pitch Black’s are available.